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1. Are you having difficulty meeting bills?
2. Are you experiencing a shrinking market for your product or service?
3. Are you frequently losing customer sales?
4. Is there an increase in customer complaints?
5. Do you find find that inventory levels are climbing faster than sales?
6. Is your company highly leveraged and thinly capitalized?
7. Is your business suffering from poor communications?
8. Are you working with inadequate information on sales levels, accounts receivables, inventory levels, etc?
9. Is your company late in producing financial statements?
10. Are you experiencing sales growth but no growth in net income?
11. Do you have a tight grip on expenditures, or is your company committing to expenditures before cash is in hand?

The most frequent stumbling block for small business owners is poor cash management.  Understanding the basic concepts of cash flow will help you plan for the unforeseen that all businesses face. If cash outflow exceeds cash inflow, you have negative cash flow. There are reasons for negative cash flow. What is the cash flow position of your business? Please answer the questions below.

Your businesses health depends on it.
Importance of Cash Management
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If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above you could be in a cash flow "pinch". We can help you clear your cash flow "blockage".