About Us
About Huff Consulting:
With over 30 years of experience in Process Improvements, Finance, Accounting, Operations, Auditing and Business Controls, Huff Consulting helps small businesses "the backbone"; "the engine"; of the American economy to succeed.
Do you know there may be cash hidden in your business processes? For the most part your business runs very well. Or so you think. But are you sure? What you may not know is that your operations could be leaking profits from some unexpected area that is tied to your day to day business decisions.
Cash is the life giving fluid that keeps a business going.

We are dedicated to the business health of our CLIENTS
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We piece together the puzzle to understand the gravity of the business cash flow problem.

We implement sound business controls to improve cash flow.

We get all perspectives of the companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as it relates to cash flow management.

Mine for Staying Power

We assess adequacy of cash to continue operations.

We help you improve your cash flow and working capital.

We help you drive tight control of costs.

We help you drive earnings and cash to the bottom line.
There is Gold!

We help you protect your profit generators!

We help you identify your core business!

We help you grow your business cash flow!